The goal of travel is to inspire others...

Hi! We're The Rural Travel Guides (well, Megan is, Nick just tags along and holds the camera)...

The Guide was founded in 2017 by Megan Allen, a PR and journalist who was struggling to find a platform dedicated to rural tourism.

We're incredibly passionate about the rural tourism industry and get frustrated that independent businesses are often overlooked by their corporate counterparts.

So we decided to do something about it.

We aim to provide an honest opinion of the best visitor experiences the countryside has to offer - from rainy days in a cosy pub to glorious nights under the stars.

We like to take an alternative approach to tourism, featuring businesses that are promoting the countryside and driving footfall through their products, as well as those which are already creating great visitor experiences. We offer seasonal inspiration, share the best experiences and take you behind the scenes in an industry that is growing, thriving and evolving at a rapid pace.

You can expect a vat of beer, foraging for food, 5,000 years of history, stunning views and plenty of rural capers.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram for real-time updates on where we are, join our Facebook community to share stories and ideas with fellow rural travellers, check out our Pinterest for inspiration and engage with our editor on Twitter for the latest updates or to share your latest rural travel news.

So, pack your hiking boots, a waterproof and some sunscreen (the essential British rural travel kit) and join us as we bring you the best of our beautiful British countryside...

Oh, and the exciting news is that in 2019, we'll have a mini-advebturer joining us too.