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True OriGINS - The Scottish Gin Festival hits London
to Nov 4

True OriGINS - The Scottish Gin Festival hits London

Get a taste of Scotland when True OriGINs- The Scottish Gin Festival arrives at Tobacco Dock, London 

True OriGINs has announced that it will be taking its enormously popular Scottish craft gin festival over the border for the first time. Founders, Aberdeenshire brothers Mungo and Guy Finlayson chose the iconic Tobacco Dock as their setting and will be serving up a tantalising array of Scottish gins and mixers for four days from 1st-4th November. 

The festival champions authentic Scottish craft gins and serves to shine a light on this thriving corner of the gin market.

While many gins claiming to be Scottish are, in fact, bottled or distilled over the border in England, True OriGINs has collected an offering of authentically Scottish gins from every corner of Scotland to showcase the wealth of talent on offer. From the stormy shores of Shetland to the windy Western Isles and the heather-hugged hills of the Highlands to the brother’s home county of Aberdeenshire, True OriGINs is making the most of Scotland’s wild botanicals, talent and spirit. 

Visitors to the festival will receive a glass from which to sample all that juniper nectar and also a ‘Gin Bible’. This will describe each distillation in detail so that visitors can gain an insight into each gin they sample. 

Tickets for the event are on sale now and going fast.

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Mushroom Foraging with John Wright @ Sculpture by the Lakes
10:00 AM10:00

Mushroom Foraging with John Wright @ Sculpture by the Lakes

Spend a day with John Wright, author of the River Cottage Mushroom Handbook, learning to identify mushrooms and toadstools.

You’ll spend the day looking for fungi and John will identify everything (well, nearly everything) that you find.

Puddletown Forest is an excellent place to see mushrooms and toadstools as the pine and spruce have many associated fungal species.

The day is primarily about identification, with John explaining what to look out for when trying to work out which species a specimen belongs to.

However, edibility and toxicity will be discussed in depth. If you are very lucky, there might be a few edible specimens to be found and we will have a fry-up. 

£70. To book either email, call 07720 637808 or visit the website

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