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Suffolk Herring Festival

October is the time of year when the shoals of herring arrived on the east coast followed by the fishing fleet which packed the local ports.

This vast industry may now be a distant memory but herring is still good for you and its place in our heritage – and on our dinner plates – should not be forgotten.


All day BBQ

- The Suffolk Herring Festival

That's why the Herring Festival returns to The Cut in Halesworth in October celebrating this humble fish through food, drink, music, theatre and art.

There’s entertainment with a rich east coast flavour, including Wonderful Beast's Return of the Wildman, a glorious take on an enduring local legend, and the John Ward Trio who give a modern edge to the folk tradition.

There’s shanties and colourful talks about fishing and its vibrant history and characters.

And there’s the fish itself –an all-day barbecue with freshly caught North Sea herring, bloaters and kippers plus maatjesharing fresh from Holland.