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Call us old-fashioned, but we believe we're all in this industry together and as a part of the rural tourism community, we'll never charge you to submit stories or content to The Rural Travel Guide.

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The Rural Travel Guide is a B2C round-up of the best places to stay, things to do and industry insights from the British countryside and is the first of its kind to highlight the true value of tourism on the rural economy.
Rural tourism generates £17 billion a year in England alone, 2017 was a record-breaking year across the nation as more people stepped out of the cities and we can all agree that the British countryside is one of the industry's biggest assets.

It's clear that tourists are interested in our history, heritage and rural culture and as an industry it's up to us to ensure they're getting the best experiences and are inspired to visit again and again.

Tourism allows our small towns to thrive, it generates income to maintain our rural buildings and landscapes and the food and drink industry relies heavily on it as each visitor takes a little slice of the British countryside home with them.

We take an alternative approach to tourism and story-telling, looking at the businesses and brands that are promoting the countryside and driving footfall through their products, as well as tours and visitor experiences when available.

Reaching out to visitors gives us an opportunity to tell our story and be heard - from working farms that are producing food and creating stunning farmland to ancient monuments that still baffle historians and teach us about our ancestors.

We're constantly looking for news, guest blogs, feature ideas and review opportunities to keep telling those stories and put rural areas of Britain on the map and, unlike other online platforms, it's completely FREE to contribute. Of course, as this is our hobby, we won't say no to a freebie but we also appreciate it costs your business money, so we'll always pay our way if time and funds allow. It allows us to remain impartial and give our honest opinions.

Our editor is a qualified senior journalist and expert in travel and tourism PR so is passionate about telling stories and ensuring our British countryside thrives.

So, if you'd like to work with us, please get in touch, share our articles, follow us on Instagram or join our Facebook community to engage with us.


Who is The Rural Travel Guide?


The Rural Travel Guide was founded by Megan Allen, a journalist and PR who specialises in rural travel, tourism and visitor experience. She has worked in the rural tourism industry since she was 16 - from the scullery to senior management level.

She's passionate about promoting rural areas and looking beyond the beautiful landscapes to what really makes our countryside such a wonderful place to experience.