Facts about Rutland

Rutland is a diverse and undiscovered area of rural Britain but also has quite a tale of its own to tell.

Here are a few facts about the county that you might not know...

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Yew Tree Avenue, Clipsham

- The Olive Branch and Beech House

  • Rutland is the smallest county in England, covering only 240 square miles

  • It gained independence from Leicestershire on 1st April 1997 after 25 years as part of the extended county

  • Rutland Water is a manmade reservoir opened in 1976 and owned and operated by Anglian Water. It is now a haven for wildlife, including Rutland’s Ospreys which were the first to be breed in England in 150 years and is the location for the annual Birdfair - the biggest conservation event in the World

  • Rutland’s two main market towns, Uppingham and Oakham both have independent private schools founded in the same year, 1584, by Archdeacon Robert Johnson

  • Oakham Castle is one of the finest examples of Norman architecture in Northern Europe and its interior walls are adorned with horseshoes, each given by royalty or a peer of the realm on their first visit to Rutland. A tradition that is still carried out today. The oldest dates back to 1470 and was presented by King Edward IV who was thought to be “showing off” after a recent victory in battle near Empingham

  • Aquapark Rutland is the largest aquapark in the country and opens at Rutland Water for a third season this May

  • Uppingham Christmas Fatstock Show is the only one of its kind still held in a traditional market square


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