Facts about Menai

With January coming to an end, we're rounding up our month of Menai and hope you've enjoyed being introduced to the area.

If you're still not sure, here are a few facts put together by Menai Holiday Cottages that might just persuade you to visit...


Menai Suspension Bridge

- Nick Cozier

  • Swallow Falls is the most visited waterfall in Britain
  • The oldest tree in Wales is in St Digain's churchyard in Llangernyw - said to be one of the oldest living organisms in the world being 4,000-5,000 years old
  • St Trillo's church in Rhos-on-Sea is Britain's smallest chapel, measuring only 11ft by 8ft and seats only six people
  • The famous Menai Suspension Bridge, which was the first of its kind in the world, was built with no scaffolding and is one of the 19th Century's most celebrated industrial achievements, even today
  • The Britannia Bridge originally had two lions on either side to 'guard' the entrance but after a fire in the 1970s, the bridge had to be reconstructed and you can only see them today by foot, boat or on a train which runs underneath the road level


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