Glamping trends for 2018

Glamping: it's not a new concept. It has always appealed to people who like the idea of roughing it but can't quite do without their luxuries. Electricity and somewhere warm and dry to sleep are the basics but these days it can mean anything from a full working kitchen to a hot tub.

With Brexit on the horizon, more landowners are looking to diversify their land and tourists are browsing staycations rather than increasingly expensive holidays abroad, so glamping is on everyone's mind. But what sets a good glamping experience apart from the others?

In our first guest feature of 2018, we asked Emily Darbishire of Hill Farm Glamping in Warwickshire to predict what glamping trends we can expect in 2018.


Emily Darbishire

Emily Darbishire

Glamping, glamorous camping, luxury camping, boutique camping… call it what you will, but what exactly is it?

The Oxford Dictionary describes it as ‘a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Glamping is likely to satisfy any city-slicker seeking a little refuge in nature – without foregoing any of life’s luxuries’.

So it’s all about camping, but also about smoothing the edges of roughing it. Think king size beds, thick duvets, wood burning stoves and hot showers with a view.

Staycations in the UK are on the rise with travelling abroad not quite what it used to be. Glamping gives you the opportunity to experience another life in just a weekend, without spending a fortune and with a much lower carbon footprint.

Harry Gladwin -0486.jpg

Hill Farm Glamping

- Harry Gladwin

As humans, camping is in our DNA. We wouldn’t have spread across the globe if we weren’t compelled to travel and be adventurous. But there is no shame in seeking authentic experiences in nature, where you can slow down and reconnect with what is important, with a fair few creature comforts thrown into the mix to make you feel at home.

We have offered glamping at Hill Farm since 2014, and the industry has already evolved so much in that short time. The word 'glamping' was Googled more than 1.8m times in 2017, and with the growing selection of diverse offerings increasing all the time, I think this popularity is only set to continue into 2018.

With an increase in choice for guests, it is important to offer something unique and with guest expectations very high, a premium service is vital. Glamping is traditionally considered by most to be very seasonal, however this is being challenged by a number of exceptional year-round spaces popping up across the UK, such as tree houses and cabins, which offer glamping all year round.

At Hill Farm our guests are able to get away for a time to be closer to nature and under the stars, but at a place which is equipped to give them a unique and quirky outdoor experience in our lotus belle tents and shepherds hut.

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Hill Farm Glamping

- Harry Gladwin

The majority of guests we welcome stay for two or three nights and are looking for a short break which enables them to get back into nature and escape their busy working lives for a short time, to experience another life.

The emphasis on experience is important and glamping in 2018 is so much more than just the structure in which you are staying. We have particularly noticed a trend for outdoor bathing, such as showers and hot tubs, which extend the experience beyond the space.


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